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We meticulously individually choose optical frames and sunglasses from a range of designers where design and quality rule in equal measure. Our quest is to find interesting designs that can satisfy even the most discerning of glasses wearer.

Let us do the hard work of sourcing your new frames!


BRILLE (£145-£345)

A collection of unique frames, with many individual designs. Includes frames by Kaibosh - from Norway,  Banton Frameworks - handmade in Scotland using only premium materials, and luxury eye wear by Andy Wolf - handmade in Austria.
GLASÖGON (£115-£245)
Want something different but not sure what? You may find it here. Bold and interesting designs vs. understated quality and use of natural materials such as wood. Search and you will find.
STEL (£45-£195)
Add to your visual wardrobe with a fun pair of glasses for going out, that conservative pair for work, and one for spare with our vast collection of styles available. Great Value.