"Eye Room's simple pricing makes choosing glasses easy"
We meticulously individually choose optical frames and sunglasses from a range of designers where design and quality rule in equal measure. Our quest is to find interesting designs that can satisfy even the most discerning of glasses wearer.
Let us do the hard work of sourcing your new frames!
BRILLE £145 Brille
A collection of unique frames, with many individual designs. Includes frames by Kaibosh - from Norway, and Banton Frameworks, handmade in Scotland using only premium materials. 
Want something different but not sure what? You may find it here. Bold and interesting designs vs. understated quality. Search and you will find.
STEL £85
Add to your visual wardrobe with a fun pair of glasses for going out, that conservative pair for work, and one for spare with our vast collection of styles available. Great Value.
 (*other collections also available)
We can supply lenses for any occasion and any need. Here are the most common style of lenses explained.
ENKELT SYN - single vision lenses (from £50) 
Our chosen Single Vision lenses are High Quality optical resin lenses, optimised for visual performance and the shape of your chosen frame. All lenses include Scratch Resistant Layer and Multilayer Anti-Reflection Coating (MAR)
Progressive Addition Lenses (PALs) / Vari-focal lenses (from £140)
At Eye Room we live in the 21st century and only offer digitally surfaced PALs.
We have 4 options to choose from:




Great for all day clear vision. Our PALs are designed to allow clear vision for all purposes, including driving, VDU use and reading. Our chosen ranges are easy to adapt to and allow you to get on with your day to day business.
'Standard' - standard lenses 
Entry level progressive power lens with the benefit of digital technology to ensure good vision at all distances and easy adaption. Supplied with Scratch Resistant Layer and Standard MAR 
'Intermediate'improved performance lenses
Evolved version of Progressive power lens with improved transition between distance and near due to a stabilisation system for the intermediate zone of the lens.
Supplied with Scratch Resistant Layer and Standard MAR.
'Intermediate Plus' - NEW!
Sitting perfectly in the middle we have introduced a lens that can satisfy on all levels, providing just the right balance of performance, cost and value. 
Supplied with Scratch Resistant Layer and Standard MAR     
'Advanced'high performance lenses
Going a step further, this is a lens that performs better at all distances with wider field of view.
Supplied with Scratch Resistant Layer and Standard MAR
'Advanced Plus'ultimate performance lenses
The highest performing lens for optimum clarity at all distances. Also has the widest intermediate zone and smoothest transition between distance and near.
Going a step further this can also be individualised to your lifestyle needs.
Supplied with Scratch Resistant Layer and Standard MAR.
Please note: All our PALs are produced using digital technology for optimum accuracy and carry an adaption guarantee.   
As 'Advanced Plus' with individual frame and facial  measurements taken into account. A fully bespoke solution.
Supplied with Scratch Resistant Layer and Standard MAR
BIFOCAL - traditional design
Traditionally used for distance and reading, this may be more suitable if there is less demand for intermediate tasks but a large reading area is wanted.
LIFESTYLE - individually tailored lenses 
Lifestyle lenses to suit each individual situation. Great for office/VDU and gadget use. Designed to reduce eye fatigue at all ages.
MAR enhance both the look and the performance of lenses which will improve the aesthetics and performance of your glasses. 
An additional range of uprated MARs are available to enhance your optical lenses in order to further improve the aesthetics and visual performance of your glasses, as well as improved scratch resistance and UV protection:
These Advanced MARs are also easier to keep clean as they have much improved water and smudge resistance. Our Advanced Plus MARs include all of the benefits of the enhanced MARs in addition to a super hard anti-reflection layer and a range of additional specialist features.
You may not want or need any of the features of the coatings available but we are keen to ensure that you have all your needs covered. We really love our lenses and may come across as geeks but we are more than happy to go through every one in detail should you wish for us to so.