Single Vision

Suitable for everyone, often defined as distance glasses or reading glasses.


The most accurate way of taking individual eye and frame measurements for the best possible results.

We have invested in the latest technology in order to make the most accurate measurements so that your chosen lenses work as intended in the best possible way for you. 
As well as each frame will suit you differently, they may also have an effect upon how well you can see through them from how they fit on your face.

In particular this relates to higher prescriptions, so in order to provide the best possible vision through your lenses several measurements are taken of how the frame that you have chosen fits, and as a result how you are looking through them, by our state of the art cameras. These measurements help to individually tailor a solution to your needs, making the most of your chosen lenses. 

This only takes seconds, and will be done at a socially safe distance in store.

Our chosen Single Vision lenses are High Quality optical resin lenses, optimised for visual performance and the shape of your chosen frame. All lenses include Scratch Resistant Layer and Multilayer Anti-Reflection Coating (MAR).

Standard - (from £60)

Achieve overall good clarity and vision. Suitable for low to medium strength prescriptions.

Advanced - (add £50)

A better performing lens for better quality of vision and a wider visual field. A more attractive lens. Best suited to medium to high prescriptions.

Individual - (add £100)

For best possible performance. Individual frame and face measurements carefully taken into account using state of the arts technology. Great for high prescriptions where standard lenses can lose some of their performance.





MAR enhance both the look and the performance of lenses which will improve the aesthetics and performance of your glasses.

An additional range of uprated MARs are available to enhance your optical lenses in order to further improve the aesthetics and visual performance of your glasses, as well as improved scratch resistance and UV protection:
These Advanced MARs are also easier to keep clean as they have much improved water and smudge resistance. 
Our Advanced Plus MARs include all of the benefits of the enhanced MARs in addition to a super hard anti-reflection layer and a range of additional specialist features.
You may not want or need any of the features of the coatings available but we are keen to ensure that you have all your needs covered. We really love our lenses and may come across as geeks but we are more than happy to go through every one in detail should you wish for us to so.