Multifocal Lenses


Great for all day clear vision. Our PALs are designed to allow clear vision for all purposes, including driving, VDU use and reading. Our chosen ranges are easy to adapt to and allow you to get on with your day to day business.
Please note: All our PALs are produced using digital technology for optimum accuracy and carry an adaption guarantee.  


The most accurate way of taking individual eye and frame measurements for the best possible results.

We have invested in the latest technology in order to make the most accurate measurements so that your chosen lenses work as intended in the best possible way for you. 
As well as each frame will suit you differently, they may also have an effect upon how well you can see through them from how they fit on your face.

In particular this relates to higher prescriptions, so in order to provide the best possible vision through your lenses several measurements are taken of how the frame that you have chosen fits, and as a result how you are looking through them, by our state of the art cameras. These measurements help to individually tailor a solution to your needs, making the most of your chosen lenses. 

This only takes seconds, and will be done at a socially safe distance in store.


'Standard'/'Standard+' - standard lenses/improved performance lenses (from £150)

Entry level progressive power lens with the benefit of digital technology to ensure good vision at all distances and easy adaption.
Supplied with Scratch Resistant Layer and Standard MAR 

'Intermediate' - from £240)

Sitting perfectly in the middle we have introduced a lens that can satisfy on all levels, providing just the right balance of performance, cost and value. 
Supplied with Scratch Resistant Layer and Standard MAR     

'Advanced' (from £270)

Great all round lenses for good everyday performance. Provides steady and secure vision when on the move and switching between digital devices. 
Supplied with Scratch Resistant Layer and Standard MAR

'Advanced+'/'Advanced+ Individual' high performance lenses (from (£340)

Going a step further, this is a lens that performs better at all distances with wider field of view and smooth transition between distance and near.
This lens can also be individualised to your lifestyle needs,
and in addition some individual frame and facial measurements can also be taken into account. A custom solution.
Supplied with Scratch Resistant Layer and Advanced MAR. 

'Bespoke/Bespoke+' - highest performing lenses (from £410)

Exceptionally good lenses. We take your frame and face measurements into account, as well as your lifestyle requirements. These lenses are particularly good for complicated prescriptions and wearers that demand the best. A fully bespoke solution.
Supplied with Scratch Resistant Layer and Advanced Plus MAR.