Why you need glasses

Are you the type that does not want to wear glasses? Don't worry, you're not really doing anything wrong! Take it easy, and push away your fears, no one is going to force you. Perhaps you are the type that really does want to wear glasses? Either way, you are both welcome. We love you both!

The reasons people need glasses are many fold, but in general it is not so much about that there is anything wrong with their eyes but simply that there is a demand on their eyes that needs to be met. 

As a child and in the developing phases it is important that these demands are met so as to ensure that the processing ability of the eye/brain relationship can work at its best. This will also assist in their ability to read and perform at their best at school etc.

Glasses are cool though, aren't they? I mean, they can really help to complete a look, an outfit or enhance your mood. These days there is much less of a stigma attached to wearing glasses than say, when I was a kid. We didn't really have that much choice, although when I did need my pair I was quite clear in my choice of glasses as they had to be round and I probably chose the style as close to someone from a movie or something that I had seen. As I said, there wasn't that much choice, so it was near...

Anyway, these days there are also a whole range of lenses to choose from that easily enhance both the look and the performance of the glasses. Take for instance the fairy new addition of lenses geared towards today's use of digital devices: These range from coatings to subtle power changes designed to reduce eye fatigue. Some companies have now also realised that simply giving staff zero powered lenses with an appropriate filter help to reduce fatigue, hence also helping to improve productivity at work. 

These days we have all pretty much got High Definition TVs with 8K screens about to enter the mainstream. Wearing glasses isn't always so much about making sure you can see well (we would also like to make sure you look good!) but about making you see what you see through the best possible filter. A current wearer can have improvements to their vision that they were not previously able to have, much like said TVs, that at some point seemed too sharp to be real. Combine that with the best possible advice when choosing appropriate frames and lenses you now have the option to see things in anyway you were hardly able to before, readily available from many opticians.


Should you wear glasses? That is up to you. You may just find that your day is so much better for it.